30 Bengali Youtube Channel That Provide The Best Content (2024)

Bengali Youtube community is growing fast. Bengali content has seen a monumental rise in recent times and has seen triple-digit growth rates in watch times. Youtube has become a platform for the culturally enriched Bengalis to showcase their talent. Many of the Bengali YouTubers have left their jobs and taken youtube as a career option. Here is the list of best Bengali Youtube Channel names.

Kiran Dutta, aka The Bong Guy, is the most famous Bengali YouTuber. The Carryminati of West Bengal first introduced roasting in the Bengali language.

The Bong Guy roasts about popular old Bengali movies and serials.His videos are funny and relatable. He has a huge fan following.

Kiran is from Dhubulia, Krishnanagar, West Bengal. The 25 years old completed his Btech in civil engineering from Netaji Subhas Engineering College, Kolkata.

In 2019, Kiran opened his second YouTube channel called Your Bong Guy, where he uploads vlogs, gaming, and many other contents, and this has also crossed one million subscribers in a year. Kiran is the only Bengali YouTuber who has collaborated with Bollywood stars.

2. CineBap

Number Of Subscribers – 1.07 Million

Mrinmoy Das is known for his comic commentary. He reacts to current affairs and makes comedic videos. He mainly creates content on stand-up comedy, vlog, dance, satirical parodies, and pranks. His fans loved his distinctive and energetic Bengali language commentary.

3. Wonder Munna

Number Of Subscribers – 909K

Indrani Biswas is famous for her sense of humor. She is one of the most famous female YouTubers from West Bengal, making vines and humouristic funniest videos.

She joined YouTube in 2017, and since then, there is no looking back. She is the only female humorist from Kolkata to date. She specializes in comedy content by drawing inferences from Bengali culture and many real-life instances.

She is a mass communication graduate. Her most popular videos are Bengalis losing weight before Durga Pujo and Bengali girls before Durga Puja. She took various avatars to entertain her viewers. Her whimsical conversations with friends and family(all played by herself) are the USP of the channel.

4. Dj Bapon

Number Of Subscribers – 223K

DJ Bapon, aka Anindya Chakraborty, is popular on YouTube for his comedy songs. He is a singer and songwriter. He is best known for his parodical video, where he set rap beats to a scene featured in the old Bengali movies. His contents are sure to leave you in splits. He mixes up old Bengali songs with the perfect beats and drums with funny lyrics.

Horlicks song, Moshari Anthem, Maachi Mara Gaan songs are some of his viral songs.

5. Bankura Memes Short

Number of subscribers – 355K

Bankura-born Unmesh Gangully is the main creator of this youtube channel. Unmesh has completed his masters degree in mass communication. He with his groups creates sarcastic videos on current affairs. Their content includes interviews of politicians and celebrities, many short films, and Bengali vines.

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Bengali Food Youtube Channel

6. Shampa’s Kitchen

Number of Subscribers- 897K

This cooking channel is best for those who craved some good homemade authentic Bengali food. She cooks classic recipes as well as humble comfort food. She has recipes for every mood.

This food-based youtube channel has an interesting concept. Soumyajit Ghosh, a freelance filmmaker, invites celebrity guests to their house for lunch. His mother, Mala Ghosh, prepares a sumptuous lunch buffet that includes a variety of foods. The channel is growing fast.

8. FoodKa Series

Number Of Subscribers -317K

One Of the best food blogging channels from West Bengal. It is the story of a foody uncle(foodka), aka Indrajit Lahiri, and his hungry nephew famous Radio Rj Mir Afsar Ali.

They visit different food ventures and give reviews about the food. They aim to mix food with travel, heritage, culture and represent them with signature wit.

9. TheLazyBong

Number Of Subscribers – 323K

The Lazy Bong, aka Dipta Shakar Bakshi, is a Food vlogger from Kolkata. Viewers enjoy the content of this witty creator. He is one of the fastest-growing YouTubers in Bengal.

His blogging style and reviews, as well as his jocular attitude, attract his viewers.

Bengali Lifestyle Blogger

10. The Posh Palette

Number Of Subscribers – 165K

Riyanka Sarkar, a full-time fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger, shares her daily routine. She recently got married. People enjoy the chemistry between newlywed couples. Her charming looks and infectious smile are the USP of her vlogs.

11. InsideOut

Number Of Subscribers – 194K

InsideOut is all about a daily vlogging experience of the life of software engineer Souhardya Bhoumick and his lovely wife, Arpita Bhoumick Banerjee. The couple entertains people by sharing their daily utilities. They also take their viewers on their journey in and around Kolkata. People love their positive approach to life.

12. Bong Panchali

Number Of Subscribers – 44.4K

The newlywed couple from Kolkata, Ankita Ganguly and Kaushik Das show their day-to-day activities on BongPanchali. They also do food vlogging and give food reviews.

13. Hichki

Number Of Subscribers – 110K

Hichki is the Bengali vlog of famous blogger Soumali Adhikari. Soumali also has a successful Hindi youtube channel Indian Vlogger Soumali. She was recently mired in controversy due to a family feud.

14. Jeebon Samasyar Samadhan

Number Of Subscribers – 1.96 Million

This Bengali motivational video channel provides practical solutions to all types of life problems. Their content also includes Bengali book reviews, money management tips, relationship advice, and health tips.

Bengali Entertainment Bloggers

15. Sharmila Showhouse

Number Of Subscribers – 492K

One can watch the interview of Bengali celebrities on this channel. Sharmila Maiti is a celebrity anchor and entertainment journalist. She is working in this field for the past 16 years. She has hosted many celebrity talk shows on Bangla television.

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16. Aritra’s Gyan

Number Of Subscribers – 105K

In Aritra’s Gyan, one gets to see the latest Bengali films, web series reviews, and trailer reactions.

Best Bengali Music Youtube Channel

17. Durnibar Official

Number Of Subscribers – 124K

It is Sa Re Ga Ma PA 2015 fame famous playback singer Durbinar Saha’s official music channel. Visit this channel to listen to beautiful Bengali renditions.

18. Sourendro Soumyojit

Number Of Subscribers – 69K

Sourendro – Soumyojit is an Indian Pianist – Vocalist musician duo consisting of Sourendro Mullick(Pianist) & Soumyojit Das(Vocalist). The duo composes and performs musical tours worldwide. They portray experimental music and use the nuances of Indian classical music. Their channel is bliss for music lovers.

19. Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury

Number Of Subscribers – 95.9K

Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury is a prominent Bengali singer. She rose to fame from the Bengali film Ranjana Ami Ar Ashbona. Two songs of the movie ‘Tumi Asbe Bole’ & ‘Jagarane Jay Bibhabaree’ became hugely popular.

20. Tapati Studio

Number Of Subscribers – 48.2K

The content includes a great collection of Bengali artist’s stage performances across West Bengal on this channel. Their videos receive views in millions.

21. Aditi Munshi

Number Of Subscribers – 48.2K

Aditi Munshi, Bengal’s devotional vocal artist regularly, uploads her videos. Visit this space for soothing divine music.

22. Taalpatar Shepai

Number Of Subscribers – 233K

Taalpatar shepai is about a bunch of creative people exploring different genres of music. Their songs are always fun and refreshing. This band has become hugely popular among Bengalis.

Bengali Travel Vlogs

23. Travel Shooters

Number Of Subscribers – 1.06M

The group often goes for various sightseeings and presents as a travel guide for the viewers. They provide details about mysterious temples. The team also covers some interesting facts related to space travel.

24. Somjit Bhattacharyya

Number Of Subscribers – 380K

With a fascinating storytelling method, Somjit captures the attention of the audience by presenting every minute detail.

The Bengali Youtuber takes us to the Indian Heritage places. He showcases natural heritage like Kashmir valleys, Goa beaches, majestic mountains of Himachal, Puri beaches, tea gardens in Darjeeling, royal Bengal tigers, to name a few. He also cover festivals like Durga Puja, Holi, Jagaddhatri Puja, Gangasagar Mela, Amarnath Yatra, Poush Mela at Shantiniketan and many more.

Bengali Technical Youtube Channel

25. All Bangla Tips

Number Of Subscribers – 1.49M

It is about young village boy Babon Das who used to solve the mobile-related problems of his villagers. Today, he provides information and solutions on youtube. He talks about new technologies and gadgets and android solutions, and youtube tips.

26. Multi Tech

Number Of Subscribers – 1.42 M

Rajib Mondal is the creator of this channel. Here You will find mobile tips & tricks, how-to tutorials, internet, computer, gadgets unboxing, and review videos.

27. TechSci Guy

Number Of Subscribers – 750k

He is one of the stars of the Bangali technical YouTuber. He explains concepts to his viewers very nicely. Also, the audience appreciates his honest gadget reviews.

Bengali Fact-Based Youtube Channel

28. Hothat Jodi Uthlo Kotha

Number of Subscribers – 456K

It is another one of the most underrated youtube channels from West Bengal. They are making a fact-based video on cultural, political, and social topics.

29. Akash Barmon

Number Of Subscribers – 658K

The channel creator Akash Barmon makes videos on globally unsolved mysteries.

30. Nikanta Halder

Number Of Subscribers – 929K

If gardening is your hobby, and if you have lots of interest in flowering. Then this is one of the most informative Bengali language gardening channels from West Bengal.

Do you have any other Bengali youtube channel in mind? If yes, do let us know in the comment section.

30 Bengali Youtube Channel That Provide The Best Content (2024)
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