How to Make Career Day Interesting (2024)

By Lisa McQuerrey Updated April 02, 2018

Participating in career day at a local school gives you an opportunity to simultaneously tout your line of work and promote your company while also educating young people about a profession you enjoy. Of course, it’s not always easy to make office work or sometimes mundane professions sound exciting to young people, so a bit of creativity is required to keep and hold attention.

Tailor Your Talk

The direction you take with your talk should vary based on the age of the kids you’re addressing. For example, if you're an ER nurse, middle schoolers will love to hear about the “weirdest things you’ve seen come through the emergency room,” while first graders will be more interested in hearing about how you help people who are sick or hurt get better. High schoolers, on the other hand, are more interested in hearing about what education or training you needed for your job and what kind of pay range they might be able to expect if they go into the same line of work.

Talk About What You Enjoy

One sure way to make career day interesting is to talk about the things you truly love about your job. This will help students see how all kinds of jobs have a fulfilling component. Examples:

I’m a cashier at a baby goods retailer. The best part of my job is seeing expectant parents come and happily shop for their first crib or parents with newborns being excited about dressing their babies in Halloween costumes or holiday dresses for the first time.

I’m a package delivery driver. I get to spend all day driving around our beautiful city, listening to my favorite music and meeting all kinds of interesting people from every walk of life.

I’m a landscaper. I get to be outside most of the day, and a big part of my job is to help people pick out beautiful plants and flowers they love.


Every job or place of business has something genuinely unusual about it that may pique the interest of young people. Maybe there’s a well-known celebrity or sports figure who has used your product or service, or maybe you have what kids would consider an enviable career, like working in a theme park or a bakery. Whatever sets you or your job apart is likely to be an interesting draw for kids.

Use Visual Aids

If you can deliver a presentation with colorful slides and graphs, or even better, show a video, you’re more likely to catch and keep attention. Think about the unknown elements of your line of work, along the lines of the "Hows it’s Made" series. For example, if you’re in food service, what does the food look like before it’s cooked? If you’re a reporter, who's the most interesting person you’ve interviewed? If you’re a flight attendant, what’s the coolest place you've ever visited? As the saying goes, a picture often speaks louder than words.


Give a shout-out to the importance of education during your presentation to encourage school-aged kids to maintain or advance their interest in academics.

Bring Giveaways

Kids love free trinkets and goodies. Whether it’s t-shirts, logo key chains, product samples, pens or mouse pads, giveaways always get attention. Even if you don’t have anything unique or branded to hand out, bring individually wrapped snack items or drinks. You can even do some self-branding by attaching a sticker to candies with your company’s info.

Always leave time for Q&A in your career day presentation. Kids will let you know what they’re interested in, and you can take their cues to help you flesh out the rest of your talk.

How to Make Career Day Interesting (2024)
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